Cellar Access Monthly Subscriptions

As part of our work, we have the privilege of speaking with some of the world’s most exciting winemakers, and there’s nothing we love more than sharing the literal fruits of their labor. Our monthly subscriptions are designed to provide our community with access to the bottles and stories we just can’t stop thinking about. These are the ones we rave about on Instagram, or perhaps you’ve spotted your favorite sommeliers drinking. It could be a newcomer who has caught our eye or classics that we can’t live without. 

With both tiers of subscriptions, you can expect sought-after bottles from producers you may never see in your local retail store. You’ll also receive priority access for purchasing additional small allocation wines that rapidly sell out on our site.


Tier 1

Curated Cellar Access

3 Wines to Your Doorstep Each Month

If you’ve loved everything you’ve tasted so far, this is your chance to get a little more adventurous. The three curated bottles you’ll receive each month represent producers whose work never fails to impress, as well as emerging winemakers we’re particularly excited to feature.


Tier 2

Deep Dive Cellar Access

3–4 Wines to Your Doorstep Each Month

For those who are ready to take the plunge, this “deep dive” subscription highlights some of the most compelling bottles in our cellar. From back vintages, to premier crus and small allocations, this subscription will offer direct access to wines that offer an exceptional expression of their region or style.



Terms and Conditions

A few things we wanted to mention before confirming your access. No substitutions

Not eligible with promotions.

We kindly ask if you need to cancel to email us directly.

Shipping is Included!

An adult 21 years of age or older must sign for each delivery.