For us, relationships are everything. We work with a trusted network of importers, private collectors and wholesalers, as well as directly with wineries and domaines, to source the best wines available. Once we have the bottles in hand, everything is carefully inspected and we only sell wines that we’d be excited to open for ourselves!

All of our bottles are stored at 53°F. (Yes, that’s 2 degrees less than what you may see recommended elsewhere.) We like it just a bit cooler for an extra layer of protection and we also control the humidity so the corks can age longer.

On each product page, you will see that it is either in stock (aka ready to ship) or the note pre-arrival with an ETA. In short, pre-arrival means that the product is currently in one of our Europe or overseas warehouses. Rest assured, we are not a broker and we own all inventory listed on the site. That said, the pre-arrival process allows us to bring wine to market faster—and for you to secure sought-after bottles more easily!

A quick note on ETAs: All ETAs are estimates and delays do happen. Our priority is to ensure the safety of the wine during the shipping process. Second to that, we will always work to deliver bottles to you as quickly as possible.

Generally speaking, if a wine is in stock, it will be shipped to you within 1-2 business days. We prefer not to have orders sitting in a warehouse over the weekend (for optimal climate control), so will often wait to ship orders that come in on a Thursday or Friday until the following Monday. 

If you need your wine to be delivered in a more timely manner, please shoot us an email at info@thatcherswineconsulting.com and we will do our best to accommodate your request. 

For orders that contain both pre-arrival and in stock bottles, we will wait until your entire order is in stock to ship. We can arrange for partial shipping, as necessary, but additional shipping charges may apply.

Tips from the TWC team

We only recommend shipping wine during cool (rather than cold) weather. Our priority is always to provide the highest quality product, so we will hold your wine free-of-charge over summer or winter months at a climate-controlled facility. If you do need to ship wine during times of more extreme temperatures, we recommend selecting overnight shipping to best protect the product.

Shipping full cases of wine is the most cost effective method offered through our site. At checkout, we allow you to gradually piece together a case of wine—at no additional charge. Once you have purchased twelve (or more) bottles, we can contact you with a shipping rate.

Please visit our Shipping & Delivery and Returns & Cancellations pages for more information.