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One of the greatest things about authentic wine is the way it can morph right in front of you, like it's alive in the glass. Each continual waft of air imbues more life into the wine, particularly with young wines. "As the wine saw more air, the characteristics started forming right away, and each glass was different from the previous one - different nose, tastes, even feel," says David Cornell.

Ledy farms only 3.5 hectares over a variety of appellations in Burgundy, the first wines only released 10 years ago. There's very little added or taken away during production - no sulfur during the winemaking, and largely whole-cluster fermentations are used. No new oak, either; truly, you're getting a very pure and clear sense of where each wine was grown, and each bottle infused with Vincent's clear passion, character and wit.

"I used to drink more beer than anything else," David admitted. "With beer, the more I drank, the worse the beer would taste; this is like that, but exactly the opposite - each taste while that bottle was open, it changes just as much, but for the better." It made me sip and think, instead of mindlessly doing other things."

2019 Domaine Vincent Ledy, Bourgogne, Hautes Cotes de Nuits Les Chalottes
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    Domaine Vincent Ledy
    2019 Domaine Vincent Ledy, Bourgogne, Hautes Cotes de Nuits Les Chalottes
    France Chardonnay Burgundy Bourgogne Hautes Cotes de Nuits 750ML
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