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One of the most prestigious white wine estates in Burgundy, Paul Pillot today is run by Paul's son Thierry who has elevated the quality in the vineyards and the cellar to extraordinary heights. He began his own micro-negoce label nearly a decade ago to expand his vineyard palate while still producing world-class wines of purity and finesse.

Founded in 1900 by Jean-Baptiste Pillot, today the 4th generation is in charge in the form of the inimitable Thierry Pillot. While his great-grandfather was a cooper by trade, today the wines see very little new oak influence, rather letting the vineyards do the talking. Thierry also began his own eponymous micro-negoce label under which he purchases organic grapes (not juice) and vinifies himself.

Thierry's model in the vineyards is a completely hand-worked style, allowing the vines' canopies to reach higher toward the sun and spread, allowing increased photosynthesis and thereby the grapes being able to ripen earlier and more completely.

In the cellar, Thierry intervenes as little as possible - the wines are fermented in barrel (350L and 500L) with native yeasts, where they will remain for 12 months before spending 6 months in stainless steel prior to bottling. Thierry's wines are undoubtedly singular and worth seeking out.

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