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A man whose draw to the vineyard was so intense, he gave up on an aspiring pro football career, Fred Savart today produces some of the most intense, flavorful and sought-after Champagnes from his home village of Écueil.

His village is home to some of the sandier, clay-based soils of the region, and his collection of small vineyards extends to the neighboring village of Villiers-aux-Noeuds where he sources fruit from vineyards atop more classic, chalkier soils. The third generation of Savart family growers, Frederic has elevated the health and vigor of his vineyards, resulting in riper, more concentrated fruit which in turn produce his preferred style of fuller-flavored wines, predominantly from Pinot Noir, though he does have a half hectare of Chardonnay as well. Fred utilizes stainless steel for many of his cuvées to control the temperature of the fermentations better, as many of his Burgundian friends have done, but for his smaller cuvées he will utilize barrels as well, with most of his wines allowed to pass through malo-lactic.

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