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Domaine de la Cras was formerly a winery that had fallen into the hands of the city of Dijon; Marc Soyard was chosen from among many applicants to fill the winemaking void, primarily based on his vision for sustainable, organic winemaking, and his incredible experience with the legendary Jean-Yves Bizot.

"This is not your typical Napa Chardonnay. This is not your usual Chablis. This is something different, new, unique; something for the thoughtful drinkers. " -David

After his winemaking studies, Marc Soyard first experienced winemaking at the Vins de Viennes projact under Rhone legends Pierre Gaillard, Francois Villard & Yves Cuilleron. The Jura native then made his way to Burgundy where he became the vineyard manager for Jean-Yves Bizot, following his tutelage in the cellar as well.

Now, Bizot's hallmark was forever strong viticulture, trying to be as hands-off as possible, but this of course mandates a sharp eye in the vineyard to create the healthiest fruit possible, and thus allow the winemaking process to essentially guide itself. Around this time, the city of Dijon sought an up-and-coming vigneron to take on the Domaine de la Cras, a monopole of great potential within the city. Soyard was elected based strongly on his resume and potential, all for the small price of gifting a number of bottles back to the city each year.

Marc has elevated the land primarily, which can be called either Bourgogne or also Coteaux du Dijon, the only Domaine in Burgundy allowed to do so. The practices in the vineyard and the cellar are largely hands-off, serving to create a vibrant, biodiverse vineyard that will create pure, healthy fruit that in turn will largely need nothing added during the fermentations.

Some new wood is used, depending on the vintage and cuvée; oak is preferred from local forests, and some chestnut and acacia barrels have been utilized. Coteaux is sourced from the lower-elevation vineyards while Cras is from the steeper slopes; Cras will undergo a longer elevage as it is more intensely structured.

"Soyard's ability to squeeze in so much flavor will have you admiring his craft, and leaave you engulfed with enjoyment in every sip. " -David

Marc also owns two plots of his own in the Cote d'Or, one parcel of Bourgogne near Ladoix, and another in the Hautes-Cotes de Nuits.

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