Julien Prelat

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Julien Prelat is a producer that has recently become an absolute favorite. His single vineyard, single varietal bottlings create a perfect balance between profundity, depth of fruit and the mineral-laden tension that all the best Champagnes possess.

In recent years the Aube is finally getting some attention, what with the stellar production of producers like Bertrand Gautherot (Vouette & Sorbée), Dominique Moreau (Marie Courtin) as well as Julien's good friend, Cedric Bouchard. Much as Cedric has famously done, Julien's cuvées will represent at once a single grape variety, a single vineyard and a single vintage. 

Coming from a family who historically sold their grapes to negociants, Julien works 2.5 hectares in Celles-Sur-Ource, beginning in 2000. You see similar terroir in these regions to what you'd see in Chablis - kimmeridgian soils defined by the fossilized seashells throughout, all of which add a distinct minerality and pleasant salinity to the wines. As with a great Burgundy, the wines of the Aube broaden and become more vinous with air, and the same is true for Julien's wines. Presle may sound familiar as it is the same terroir as Cedric's wine of the same name. La Lemblee consists of Pinot Blanc and Les Reines 100% Chardonnay, from similarly-positioned terroirs to Presle. 

Julien's wines are made in la fut de chêne, a vessel most commonly used in Burgundy. The wines will age on their lees in bottle for 36 months, and be bottled to little-to-no dosage. As these are hand-made wines through and through, production is highly limited!

2017 Julien Prelat, Les Reines Brut Nature Vintage, Champagne 1.5L
    2 products
    Julien Prelat
    2017 Julien Prelat, Les Reines Brut Nature Vintage, Champagne 1.5L
    France Chardonnay Champagne 1.5L


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    Julien Prelat
    NV Julien Prelat, La Lemblee Blanc de Blancs, Champagne 1.5L
    France Pinot Blanc Champagne 1.5L
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