Jean-Marie Fourrier

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One of the shining stars today in Gevrey-Chambertin, Fourrier became hotly collectible following the ascension of Jean-Marie in 1994. His vision matched his experiences of working with Domaine Drouhin (Oregon) and with the legendary Henri Jayer, transforming the once-rustic wines of the estate into bottles of unparalleled elegance.

The Domaine Fourrier owns several old-vine plots, with 9 hectares of vineyards spread across four communes. Jean-Marie's focus is not only vine health, but vine age - any vine short of 30 years of age does not get its fruit added to the Domaine wines, and the overall age averages between 50 and 70 years across all vineyards. These naturally-developed vines are only pruned back in the winter time, allowing to do their own work without any removal of clusters through the growing season.He wants the full expression of his vineyards with which he has become intimately familiar.

As with his mentor Jayer, Fourrier performs a cold-soak and de-stems (almost all of) his grapes. He's dogmatic about preserving freshness and flavor in his wines, so no more than 20% new oak is used across all cuvées. In the same vein, there is no racking, and the best cuvées are often bottled right from the cask.

The array of vineyards is impressive, highlighted by perhaps the finest Griotte-Chambertin made today, as well as the famous Clos-St.-Jacques. Jean-Marie has created a micro-negoce label under his own name, where through long-term leases of stellar vineyards he follows the same practices with vineyards outside of his family holdings. The wines are of essentially the very same, high quality.

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