Hubert Soreau

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From growing up across the street from the Clos l'Abbé to crafting a stunning wine from his former playground, Hubert Soreau has both come a long way and yet stayed in his place. The singular (and single!) wine is a secret of the smart collector, as it is profound, thought-provoking and wildly complex.

Hubert Soreau's family moved across the street from the Clos when he was a child; they purchased a small plot in 1993 which Hubert supplemented with another small purchase in 2003. It's a unique vineyard as it is not quite the Côte des Blancs and not quite the Vallée de la Marne; Chardonnay here takes on a gorgeously intense candied citrus peel essence, salted delicately by the chalky-clay soils. The wine spends 6+ years on the lees, providing a brilliant texture and complexity that adds to that citrus essence perfectly, sometimes reminding a drinker of key lime pie. There is but one wine here, but what a wine!

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