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Though Etienne Bodet’s “Clos Durandiere” is a relatively new undertaking, with its first bottling in 2020, the project has plenty of excitement. It may partly be due to Etienne’s immense expertise, having trained under icons of French non-interventionist viticulture, or from his “full-time job” as the winemaker of Clos Rougeard. This knowledge guides Etienne to craft an elegant and savory Cabernet Franc from the 1.3 Clos de la Durandiere vineyard in his native village of Montreuil-Bellay.

Etienne Bodet is a Samur native, and his family owns a domaine in Montreui sur Bellay. He honed his understanding of viticulture by training with Sylvain Pataille, Aurelien Gerbais, Bernard Baudry, Francois Dal, and Roman Guiberteau (also his stepfather). Etienne is also currently one of the winemakers at Clos Rougeard.

In 2015, Etienne received the 1.4 ha of Cabernet Franc planted in Clos Durandiere as a wedding present. This is the only vineyard planted on hard Jurassic limestone in Samur, whereas the remaining vineyards are on soft Cretaceous limestone, also known as tuffeau.

Etienne focuses on softening Cabernet Franc’s tannins through maceration with low levels of extraction, low SO2, extended elevage, and seasonal temperature variations in his cellar.

Etienne farms organically and biodynamically and will pursue certification. Uncommonly for Samur, Etienne utilizes up to 35% of whole clusters in his fermentation. He vinifies without SO2 additions and only ads 20 ppm in total. Macerations last 26-28 days without any punchdowns or pumpovers.

2020 Etienne Bodet, Clos Durandiere, Saumur
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    Etienne Bodet
    2020 Etienne Bodet, Clos Durandiere, Saumur
    France Cabernet Franc Loire Saumur Cellar Access 750ML


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