Domaine Valma (Famille Mathieu)

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With the debut vintage only in 2021, Domaine Valma already showcases the clarity of vision - Stephane and Valentine Mathieu sought a plot in Beaujolais that was nontraditional and found it in Les Labourons: old-vine, North-facing, high-altitude. The resulting wines are as fresh as they are full of flavor, a swift and brilliant beginning for a young wine family.

The Mathieu family settled in Beaujolais after falling for wine during their more traditional careers and sought long and hard for what they deemed the perfect parcel of land. Without any outside help, they found it in Les Labourons in Fleurie, a 5.5 hectare plot planted in 1950 at essentially the highest altitude in Beaujolais.

Owing to help from peers (a stage at Chartogne-Taillet) and legends (Jacques Néauport, master of Beaujolais tradition, namely carbonic maceration), the Mathieus churned out an ultra-fine debut vintage in 2021, the wines both deep in flavor but with the brightness of a cool, high-altitude Gamay vineyard.

Two versions of their Beaujolais are produced, both entirely whole-cluster with semi-carbonic maceration. Prelude is fermented in concrete tanks; Face B ferments in used barrels which will provide a slightly more developed mouthfeel.

2021 Domaine Valma, Fleurie, Les Labourons Prelude
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    Domaine Valma (Famille Mathieu)
    2021 Domaine Valma, Fleurie, Les Labourons Prelude
    France Gamay Beaujolais Fleurie 750ML


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