Domaine Martine & Christian Rouchier

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A tiny domaine in the heart of Saint-Joseph, Martin and Christian Rouchier bottled the first wine of the old family vineyards in 2010. Today farmed and vinified without any additives, fully organically, the Rouchier wines are soulful and complex, with nearly unparalleled finesse in a region that so often favors bold, dark flavors.

Martine Rouchier's family historically sold all of their fruit to negociants, but in 2010 she and husband Christian bottled their first wine to wonderful result. By 2013, the couple had completely redefined their farming by eschewing any inorganic treatments, allowing the vineyards to thrive and the grapes to find more exuberance. In 2015, they were able to produce their first wine without any addition of sulfur, owing to the extraordinary health in the vineyards.

Two cuvées are produced: Chave, a 1 hectare plot planted in 1958 on granitic gneiss; Luc is 0.5 hectares in size, planted in 1972 on clay-schist soils. Both are fermented whole-cluster in concrete tank without any addition of sulfur, before being aged in neutral barrel for 16-18 months.

The resulting wines are beautifully pure, not raw - they are quite lively and will develop beautifully over time.

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