Domaine Georges Mugneret

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You could view it as just an inheritance of what is now a legendary estate, but that would be shortsighted. The Mugneret sisters quickly pivoted their lives' direction when their father passed in 1988, and all they've done in the time since is elevate the domaine to the upper echelon of all Burgundy estates in existence.

The Domaine Mugneret-Gibourg was founded in 1933 by a husband and wife duo, and later Dr. Georges Mugneret helped to expand the holdings all while holding down a full time job as an ophthalmologist. Upon his passing in 1988, Christine and Mary-Andrée took it upon themselves to devote their energies to their family's legacy. They combined their father's holdings (once named Domaine Georges Mugneret) and the historical family estate into one, producing a full range of divine wines from Bourgogne to the Grand Crus.

The Mugneret vineyards are tended carefully, with very little intervention aside from tilling between the rows. All grapes are harvested by hand and undergo a rigorous selection before de-stemming. In the cellar, the wines are fermented in tank and aged in anywhere from 10 (village)-70 (Grand Crus) percent new oak.

With some 8 hectares spread over 9 appellations, the holdings here are rich, encompassing a large swath of Burgundy from the Grand Cru Ruchottes-Chambertin all the way to Nuits-Saint-Georges. Even the Grand Cru wines show effortless energy, freshness and delicacy that is seldom matched by any producer of Pinot Noir. Safe to say, the sisters have only served to add to their family's legacy.

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