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Newly entrusted to Daniel Landi and Fernando Garcia of Comando G, the Cooperativa has found new life and a stunning improvement both in quality of wine and quality of life for its growers. In 2015, the duo partnered with the Co-op to revitalize the vineyards and have further access to vineyards of the same regions from which they've made their fantastic Comando G wines.

The once-proud Cooperativa de Cadalso had seen its members' vineyards continually uprooted in favor of housing developments, owing to the rising costs of vineyard management in comparison to selling the land off. Approached by the Cooperativa in 2015, Dani Landi and Fer Garcia of Comando G were anxious to begin, devoting their efforts to improve the quality of farming and winemaking so the product could once again be profitable for the growers.

The traditional tulip-shaped vats remain, and the wines possess a similar intensity and mineral tone as the Comando G wines without the influence of oak. The vines range from 20-70 years of age all throughout the Sierra de Gredos, owing their energy to their unique position of cool breezes and thin, granite soils that supercharge Grenache's energy and clarity.

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