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"Fabien will this year complete his tenth vintage in charge of the cellar, his wines have begun to gather steam as undoubtedly pure examples of grower Champagne. The outlandish commitment to exactitude in the vineyard and relative unobtrusiveness in the cellar is rewarded with the pristine quality akin to the greats he rubs shoulders with now, such as Pascal Agrapart and the Bereche brothers. He's on his way, but we didn't tell you that."

Fabien Cazé is the tenth generation of his family to shepherd the estate, so it's safe to assume he cares a bit for his land. You won't see any tractors, any chemicals, and probably only the tiniest pair of pruning shears. Everything is done by hand: the lightest scraping of the earth to till in the cover crop, the one-by-one removal of stray leaves that serve no purpose, and that is merely the beginning. In the cellar, Fabien does even less - as his cellar is cold, the wines go through an extended elevage, developing a more subtly intense flavor, as well as a minuscule, soft mousse befitting of the care he gives to his land. There is so little intervention needed thanks to his great care for his land that rarely is dosage greater than a few grams per liter - the texture of the wines along with the beautiful aromatics shows potential for greatness. 

Naturellement is the bright, stunning introduction to the range: a pure Pinot Meunier with barely a gram of dosage that shows Meunier's smoky orchard fruits on pure display with a generous splash of acidity. Les Fourches is its Chardonnay counterpart,  utterly pure in its expression of chalky-dry yet sweet curd-like citrus, even hints of delicate spice. Jossias rounds out the monovarietal wines, this time entirely Pinot Noir with all the mineral intensity of its siblings with the classic dark floral tones of Pinot. Les Leriens combines the three grapes to great effect - they share in a mineral, smoky-sweet tone aromatically, and brilliantly refreshing acid and mousse. There is also a Jossias Rosé, which is delightfully dark and savory, but as it opens starts to reveal a beautiful salty-sweet tone as well.

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