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With her first release of Avysia, Brigitte stamps her name on the classic Fallon labels. Her first cuvée is based on the 2019 vintage, with five additional years of perpetual reserve providing the backbone of the wine that echoes the styles of Michel Fallon and his mentor Selosse; that is to say, Avysia is deep in texture and complexity, the honeyed richness balanced by Chardonnay's enduring freshness and lift.

In 2008, Michel Fallon requested to purchase a small bit of his mentor Anselme Selosse's Avize harvest; Anselme, the consummate teacher, agreed and let Michel make the wine in his cellar that year. Ozanne was born, taking its name from the ancient title of the village of Avize. He made scarcely 400 bottles that year, and has kept back a bit of each vintage since as a solera system, a perpetual reserve from which he will draw to provide about 40% of the next release's bottled output; the remainder is from a single harvest.

Michel's wife Brigitte is a winemaker in her own right, releasing her first wine with the "Avysia" Blanc de Blancs, made very much in the same style as her husband's grand vin, the Ozanne. The grapes are largely the same source with some additional fruit purchased from their grower friends in Avize. The perpetual reserve for her wine has been building since 2014, and her first wine is largely based on the 2019 vintage with the reserve wine providing the nuanced depth and development.

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