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Former understudy of Helen Turley at Colgin and Peter Michael, Mark Aubert has become one of the most sought after names in Californian Chardonnay, both under his own label as well as being an in-demand consultant for top wine labels.

Though opulence raids the full range of Californian wines, there are few who can achieve balance in the realm of opulence; this is Mark Aubert's wines to a "T". Always in the search of fully-ripe fruit, Mark creates some of the most highly-sought Chardonnay and Pinot Noir bottlings from all of California. It is rare to walk into a collector's cellar and not see the array of gold-capsuled bottle tops poking shining in the wall racks.

There are an array of estate vineyards, including Lauren - named after the Auberts' daughter - among them. The clones are carefully selected, and in the cellar all the wines are barrel-fermented and allowed to go through malo-lactic conversion. All of this creates a wonderfully textured, unbridled and complex range of rare wines.

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