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The Denis Mortet name is well-known to any collector or sommelier as a beacon of incredible quality in Gevrey-Chambertin. One whose imprint was easily sensed in the depth, texture and complexity of his wines, Denis created wines that were as enjoyable in their youth as they were longlasting. Since his passing in 2006, his son Arnaud has assumed the considerable mantle with grace and aplomb, and carried on the family name to great effect.

Denis Mortet started his eponymous domaine in 1991 with half of his father's vineyards, having studied under his father Charles and eventually becoming the Domaine's winemaker in the mid-80s. Inspired by his mentors Henri Jayer and Lalou-Bize Leroy, Denis quickly became known for his wines of similarly lavish texture from varied Gevrey-Chambertin vineyards.

Starting with only 4.5 hectares inherited from Charles, Denis dedicated himself to incredible farming which allowed for such lush and vibrant fruit. As he garnered much acclaim for his work in the vineyards, he would often inherit vineyards from other vignerons who sought to see their parcels cared for in the same vein. By the time of his death in 2006, the Domaine had swelled to 11 hectares, including the legendary Chambertin.

Arnaud carried on his father's work, focusing primarily in the vineyard while reducing the amount of extraction as well as the amount of new oak the wines were aged in. The methods are painstaking, but have resulted in even more complexity - owing in part to greater inclusion of whole clusters, a sign of strong farming - and greater acclaim.

In 2016, Arnaud expanded the holdings further with a purchase of another small estate in Gevrey-Chambertin which he farms identically but bottles under his own name. An additional two Grand Crus join the already-impressive stable of wines.

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