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Arturo Pelizzatti Perego's legacy lives on in Valtellina where ArPePe consistently creates compelling Nebbiolo-based wines from Valtellina, running parallel to the Alps. Their reputation as a sustainable, low-sulfur house is only exceeded by the reputation of enduring quality.

The family behind the ArPePe wines does everything in their power to utilize what their land gives them to the fullest. The wines are protected by the sulfur existing in the grapes themselves, and the winery, carved into the side of the hill, provides natural cool, humid environs for their wines to proceed through their elevage and aging slowly and naturally, creating immensely beautiful and complex Nebbiolos.

Though the family's winemaking tradition extends back to 1860, it was in 1973 that Arturo Pelizzatti Perego created the winery that stands today, bearing an acronym of his name. They carved the winery into the heart of the Grumello slope and took back some of the original vineyard land. Today the family still follows the time-honored traditions of long aging of their mountainside Nebbiolo, allowing them to soften greatly, a world-class example of the varietal.

From 50-100 year old vines, the grapes are entirely from their estate vineyards. The grapes are allowed a long maceration followed by extended aging in large (50 HL) slavonian oak casks. They will further age their wines in bottle for years prior to release, only allowing the wines to leave the facility "when it is time."

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