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From starting his winemaking career in 2000 at the ripe old age of 21, Andreas Adam set out to revitalize his family's estate and did so in one of the forgotten, great Grand Crus of the Mosel: Hofberg. His work - and that of his sister, Barbara, who joined him in 2013 - has created another superb estate of the Mosel that few German wine lovers can live without!

Once given the highest rating in the traditional German wine surveys, Dhroner Hofberg was seemingly forgotten in the 80s as its steep, unforgiving terrain was passed over by many who sought out more fertile land to raise the production quantity rather than quality. When Andreas was still studying, he found the land of the once-prized vineyard had become phenomenally inexpensive, and set about to revitalize every portion he could get his hands on - starting with a single hectare that his grandfather had once worked.

Today, Hofberg is again widely respected and sought out, with the A.J. Adam name talked about as a source of transparent, stellar quality that few can equal. Andreas and Barbara Adam farm 45 different parcels on Hofberg, Häs'chen and Goldtröpfchen, each unique and special - the ungrafted Goldtröpfchen plot was planted some 115 years ago!

Hofberg is pure gray slate, with streaks of iron running throughout. Häs'chen's ungrafted vines were planted in the 1930s into deep, dark slate soils. Goldtröpfchen has the classic fragmented blue slate soils with some clay and sandstone throughout. In the cellar, there are absolutely no additions; the most that is taken away are poor grapes in the vineyard as all harvesting must be done by hand in the steep vineyards. Wines are allowed to ferment naturally in fuder, halb (half)-fuder and stainless, and the juice will remain on the lees for an extended period of time, providing ample texture.

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