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    Valentin Tribaut is getting his grapes from Crayeres du Levant, a vineyard most people know well by now due to Aurelien Lurquin. Aurelien has been farming his vineyards biodynamically since 2012. Outside of that, he really is known as a true farmer. By that I mean, if you ask anyone where he spends most, or arguably all, of his time- it is the vineyard. When you meet him, he is humble, quiet, incredibly generous, and enjoyable to be around. Rather soft spoken, but when it comes to his vineyards- he couldn't be more disciplined, persistent, committed, and focused on what he wants. The hard work has definitely paid off.
    The first vintage was 2018, with just 2000 kg of grapes, equal parts Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. In 2019, Valentin decided to start working with grapes from Regis Poissinet, a biodynamic winegrower in Cuchery that he knows very well and has always given high praise to his farming. When we introduced Champagne Chavost, we were trying to re-introduce what the term co-op can mean and we feel similarly to Valentin being a negociant. Unlike many others, his philosophy is to transcribe the singularity of each terroir and the ethics, hard work, and expertise of our winegrowers. One each label he states the winegrowers name, ensuring their efforts are recognized. Vinification is carried out in the most natural way possible. The aging of the wines in barrels is done without any additions with as little intervention as possible.
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