Young & Old-Vintages To Drink

Of course most of us are always going to gravitate towards drinking older vintages. Vintages where the wine has had plenty of time to settle into its own and develop layers of complexity and depth that keep us going back to the glass for more- but we must not miss out on drinking younger wines. Why? A few reasons, firstly- winemaking is changing. Winemakers are looking to make wines that are a bit more approachable in the glass at a younger age and also have the ability to develop. This is what the average consumer has been asking for and what the climate change and innovations to viticulture and vinification has brought us. Of course, there are some vintages that just can't offer this, but there are some recent vintages that are drinking so beautifully. Some that have the ability to age and last and some underdog vintages that maybe we aren't buying to cellar, but we should be buying to drink now while the greats cellar. Another reason- staying educated. One of the keys to having a great collection that you love and want to eventually drink is to understand wine. You can open all the bottles from the 80's and 90's you want, but if you aren't tasting current release now you are missing out on understanding producers style, current vintages, and what will be the next 91 Beze or 45 Mouton. 

This week, let's focus on Burgundy 


Of course there are classics we all know and love that are unarguable drinking beautifully right now,2002, 1993, 1991, 1990, 1989, 1985, but beyond that here are some vintages we should pay attention to 

2017- Yes, it is young, but it's stunning. Ethereal, delicate, perfumed, and incredible fruit. This will be a wine to cellar for a bit, and it is probably going to shut down at some point in the near future, drink it  now to wrap your head around it  and enjoy what it has to offer 

2014- They have been entering a bit of a quiet phase recently, so for village and some 1er crus go ahead and proceed, but some of the more serious bottles and styles maybe let them rest. 

2013- A bit under rated, while the 14's are taking some time in the cellar- pop the 13's. Fourrier, Rousseau, Cathiard, Mugnier, Roulot to name a few

2011- Okay, let's make sure we all know we are referring mainly to whites only (2011 Mugnier is for sure an exceptional to that, the reds are stunning) 2011 got a lot of bad press, but it is awesome for whites right now. Laser like energy, tons of transparency, and incredible length. While we mention 2011, we can also bring up 04, similar thought process for most people when buying, but the whites can be really great. While on the topic of cooler vintages, don't overlook 2008 whites can be great and some reds are definitely the exception. okay let's circle back to 2011 reds there can be some great value in these wines, not many people purchased them, but knowing which producer did well is key Rousseau, DRC, Roumier, Mugnier (mentioning it again, but they really are a pleasant surprise)

2006-following 2005, 06 didn't get much attention even though it does have a bit to offer. These aren't for the long haul, but they can offer some really lovely drinking pleasure right now, especially for reds. While we are on vintages following the fame of 05 don't forget to give some love to 2007. ​Whites can be surprises and reds from our favorite producers are in a great spot

On the opposing side- 2005 a vintage most people are holding onto. if you have 2005 Raveneau in your cellar, open some! It is drinking awesome right now. While we are talking about Raveneau,  a little bit of one off- we recently opened 2003 Valmur and let me say this will make you see 03 in a different light, but stay there don't venture further. 

2001 & 2000 maybe 02 will overshadow in terms of longevity, but I am not so sure on that. 00 and 01 are offering so much greatness right now, in whites and reds. Don't be afraid to open some of your serious bottles from this vintage either. We have opened some DRC recently that has been really showing.

1996- A little trickier, have to be careful what producers we gravitate towards here. Cool vintage, grittier, tannins, but are in kind of a sweet spot of still having some youth to them and showing development 

1988- Maybe not as prestigious as 89 or 90, but I can open 88 Rousseau and be very pleased with what's in the glass right now. 

1978- A vintage that was pretty well received, most of them are open and really lovely.

Thatcher, Courtney, & Noah